How do YOU Celebrate the New Year?

You know by now that I’m not actually asking about fireworks or football games or […]

New Year's Favorite Foods

Looking Ahead to 2012

I’m not real big on New Year’s Resolutions (although I did have some fun thinking […]


New Years Eve Party Food

Oh shoot, really? It’s New Year’s Eve already? I know that New Year’s Eve is […]


Happy New Year from My Sister’s Kitchen!

As we step into the year 2009, we both want to take the time to […]

New Year’s Eve in My Sister’s Kitchen

I was just getting ready to write that New Year’s Eve was less traditional at […]

Vet Bollen (#3)

This recipe is my personal favorite. The potatoes make this recipe so moist and chewy. […]

Vet Ballen (#2)

This is the second Olie Kueken recipe of Grandma’s that I found. Vet Ballen 1/4. […]

Olie Koeken

New Year’s Eve Antipasto Supper

I did mention on the post that Barb started about New Year’s Eve that our […]

Anyone up for a New Year’s Party?

When Laura and I were growing up, we had the BEST New Year’s Eve parties. […]