Munching with MOPS: Marcia’s Honey-Dijon Salmon

As I’ve mentioned before, I spend Tuesday mornings with a great group of young moms […]

Marcia's Honey-Dijon Salmon

Munching with MOPS: Kim’s Mustard-topped Salmon

I have another recipe for you from one of the MOPS moms that I have […]

Smoked Salmon Pizza

This. is. the. best. pizza. ever. It’s also the best appetizer I’ve ever found. This […]

Simple Grilled Salmon That Never Fails to Please

My youngest two boys and I are still at the family cottage in Michigan; to […]

Salmon Chowder

Yup! The salmon was just as good today as it was yesterday. We LOVE salmon […]

Grilled Salmon with a white wine-apricot reduction

We ate fabulously well last night and it all started LAST weekend when I evidently […]

Grilled Salmon

There are a number of ways to grill salmon, but for me, this is the […]

Salmon Spinach Pie

Actually, the salmon was left over from our feast of grilled salmon last Sunday night. […]