Can we count pumpkin pie as a vegetable?

Why yes, I think we can. And we all know that vegetables are good for […]

Cooking by Ear

I’ve coined a new phrase. Last night we were sitting on the grass in a […]

Does the language of love = the language of food?

Have you ever noticed that we often use food language when we’re speaking lovingly and […]

Kids in the kitchen: Following Directions

Somehow we ended up with a couple of packages of jello from somewhere. I don’t […]

Why we need sisters:

The following conversation illustrates why sisters are important when it comes to food: Laura: Is […]

Of Cookie Bears and Worship

Years ago, this was my first step in the adventure of cooking with kids: Joshua […]

Kids in the Kitchen

The truth is that the more time kids spend in the kitchen, the more they […]

Past the legal limit

“What in the world are you doing with FOUR pizza stones????” the woman asked me […]


Spirits bound by birth and blood and Grace. Now bond in love in trust and […]

Cooking and sisters

This is LB, the younger of the 2 sisters involved in this blog. I would […]

Sharing kitchens

Several years ago, a friend of mine, Mary, made a comment that has stayed with […]