How to Carve a Thanksiving Turkey Like a Boss

Are you intimidated by that beautiful roasted Thanksgiving turkey? Really? Do you secretly wonder how […]

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Thanksgiving Leftovers: Classic Homemade Turkey Soup

How’s it going with those Thanksgiving leftovers at your house? We’ve sure eaten a LOT […]

turkey soup from leftover Thanksgiving Turkey

Thanksgiving Dinner: Think about that turkey carcass NOW

Wondering what to do with the turkey carcass after your big feast is done? Whatever you […]

slow-roasted turkeys just look different

Thanksgiving Dinner: How to make gravy

Now that you’ve carved the turkey, there’s one important task ahead before you’re ready to […]

how to make gravy

Thanksgiving Dinner: Looking ahead to leftovers

One of the very best things about cooking Thanksgiving dinner can be the MOUNTAINS of […]

turkey stock

A No-fail, Perfect-every-time Turkey Recipe

I’m always on the lookout for new Thanksgiving turkey ideas, so I was intrigued when […]

slow-roasted turkeys just look different

Turkey Bleu Burgers

I think we’re seeing the last summery days of the year. The leaves are changing, […]

How to Roast a Turkey

It occurred to us that we had no directions for the basic Roasted Turkey that […]

How to Grill a Turkey

Sixteen years ago, I grilled my first turkey and have never looked back. I can’t […]

Brining a Turkey?

As we’re looking ahead to next week’s big Thanksgiving Dinner, for most of us, the […]

Asian Sloppy Joes

This invention was a happy serendipity that resulted from a)too much ground turkey for the […]

How long does a turkey carcass last?

We’re still getting readers surfing in on search terms about what to do with the […]

Turkey still frozen? Don’t Push the Panic Button!

It’s Wednesday. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Do you know where YOUR turkey is? Just in case […]

Deep-frying a turkey….

This is a call for help from all you experienced turkey-fryers. Neither one of us […]

Sweet and Sour Meatballs

Years ago, my good friend Jeanne Howard gave me this recipe. It was our favorite […]

Tasty Turkey Leftover Tip

We had a lot of cranberry relish leftover from yesterday…so for lunch we’re slicing thick […]

Making deviled turkey

When you’re using up leftover Thanksgiving turkey there is a moment when all the good […]

Turkey Potpie with an unusual crust

I’m seriously anticipating some wonderful Thanksgiving leftovers. This is a variation that I first tried […]